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Attività ed esperieze

Conoce la trufa negra

Perro detectando trufa
Truffles, a highly-prized underground fungus, dark in colour and with a strong flavour, is collected in a curious way, with trained dogs, from the depths of the woods of the Lóquiz mountain range and that of Valdorba. Want to find out more and become a truffle expert in just one morning? The adventure begins at the Truffle museum in Metauten, where you will find out the characteristics and market of this highly-valued delicacy. With all of the theory clear in your mind, you will put it into practice, and depending on the season you may be able to participate in:

- Guided walks through the truffle areas of the Allín valley (all year).
- A dog training display.
- Truffle hunting or collecting in the plantation (in season)
- Truffle product tasting (all year)

And once you have the much-desired fungus in your hands, whose aroma will remind you of the humidity of the forest, you will learn how to transform humble products such as toast with olive oil or an omelette into a genuine delicacy. You can also buy a truffle and repeat all you have learned at home.


Razones para no perdértela

Razones para no perdértela A través del Museo de la Trufa, puedes adquirir este hongo todo el año on-line. Consulta su web y no te quedes sin.
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Il miglior momento

If you want to try fresh truffles, they are collected between November and March.
Come completare la giornata

Come completare la giornata

Continue to taste the local products with a visit to Pacharanes Azanza, and get to know the monumental and nearby Estella-Lizarra.