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Montagu´s Harrier (Circus pygargus)

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Montagu´s Harrier (Circus pygargus) - Male Montagu´s Harrier in flight
icono pie de fotoMale Montagu´s Harrier in flight
Male Montagu´s Harrier in flight

Medium-sized bird of prey that inhabits the fields of the central and southern parts of the region. Present in spring and summer, when it arrives to breed.

Zones: Central Zone, Pamplona and southern Navarre.

Punti di osservazione consigliati: Urbasa, Bardenas, Pitillas, Lumbier-Arbaiun and Sangüesa.

Epoca di presenza: from April to September.

Osservazione: quite difficult.

Carattere: summer visitor.

Descrizione: Stylised, medium-sized bird of prey with long tail and wings. Males are ash-grey with black-tipped wings and a black strip at the base of the secondaries and brown bars on the outer tail wings. Females are brown with white rump and barred wings and tail.

Specie simili: Hen Harrier.

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