European Bee-eater (Merops apiaster)

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European Bee-eater (Merops apiaster) - European Bee-eater
icono pie de fotoEuropean Bee-eater
European Bee-eater

Medium-sized, very colourful bird, present in spring and summer. Lives in open areas and feeds on insects.

Zones: Central Zone, Pamplona and southern Navarre.


Punti di osservazione consigliati: Laguna de Pitillas, Las Cañas Reservoir, Bardenas, Sotos del Arga.

Epoca di presenza: de abril a septiembre.

Osservazione: easy.

Carattere: summer visitor.

Descrizione: very colourful, medium-sized bird with blue breast, abdomen, tail and primaries, reddish-brown crown, back, secondaries and upper coverts, yellow upper scapulars and gular region, black facemask and greenish rump. Pointed wings and highly protruding tail. Normally flies with bill pointing slightly upwards. Undulating flight with frequent glides.

Specie simili: none.

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