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Navarre has a radial structure with Pamplona at the heart, from where the main roads spread out.

There are two practically parallel roads that cross the Autonomous Community from north to south and that join it to the A-I (Northern Motorway), one of the main axes connecting Spain with mainland Europe:
• N-121-A and N-121: Behobia - Pamplona and Pamplona - Tudela.
• AP-15: Motorway of Navarre (Tudela- Pamplona- Irurtzun)

On the other hand, the area has various free main roads that criss-cross the connections with the major neighbouring towns and cities, facilitating access in more complex geographical areas A-10, A-12, A-15, A-21 and A-68.

Distances between Pamplona and the nearest towns:

  • Irún (101 km)
  • Donostia-San Sebastián (82 km)
  • Vitoria-Gasteiz (97 km)
  • Bilbao (155 km)
  • St. Jean de Pied de Port (81 km)
  • Bayona (134 km)
  • Jaca (111 km)
  • Zaragoza (179 km)
  • Logroño (85 km)
  • Madrid (405 km)
  • Barcelona (430 km)
  • Valencia (487 km)

Interesting information:

. Calculate your route from your exact location with the Michelin Guide, Repsol Guide or Google Maps
. Information about  the state of the roads.
. If you need to take a break and relax, check for rest areas
. Check and download the road map of Navarre.
. And don’t forget that if you follow the Landscape route you can enjoy the best panoramic views Navarre has to offer. 

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