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Visitas guiadas a Olite

Visita guiada a Olite Although Olite is a city, it looks more like a village. Located in the Middle Area of Navarre and with just over 3000 inhabitants, a visit there is not to be missed and if you go with a local guide, all the more reason to go.

Guiarte Servicios Turísticos, offers you a guided walk around of about 1h 30min that takes you round the narrow streets of the city, where you can discover beautiful spots, the remnants of its dense history as a royal city and entertaining local tales. You'll see the old Royal Palace, which is now a Parador Nacional, the recently restored church of Santa María, with its original polychromatic decoration, the church of San Pedro, emblazoned mansions, medieval arcades…. The visit ends with a walk up to the Torre del Chapitel with its splendid views.

The guided tour does not include a visit to the emblem of Olite, the Royal Palace (17th c.), which is not to be missed, and you'll have to spend at least 45 minutes there to do it justice. Regarded as one of the most luxurious palaces in Europe, it was a folly of King Charles III the Noble and his wife, Leonor de Trastámara.

Another visit not to be missed in the wine capital of Navarre is the Museum of Winemaking and Wine.
If you decide to visit Olite in August, you'll find 2 attractive events to see: the Medieval Fairs, where you can see knights, their ladies and minstrels parading through a real medieval city, and the Classical Theatre Festival, where the works of the best playwrights take form in front of the palace walls. Shortly after, another colourful and lively event where you can try out the wines with the D.O Navarra mark of quality, the Wine Harvest Fiesta of Navarre.


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Visit not recommended for children under 11 due to the length of stay and historical content.