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Visites guidées à Sangüesa

Vista general de Sangüesa
A land that borders the Kingdom of Aragon, in the Medieval period Sangüesa played an important defensive role. Furthermore, the Aragonese branch of the largest commercial and cultural route in Europe, the Santiago Way, crosses the town, leaving its mark on its rich heritage.

In a route accompanied by local guides, you will start with the main architectural jewel; just hearing about it makes a guided tour worth while. We are referring to the Church of Santa María la Real (12th century) and its impressive façade filled with over 300 sculptures that has been considered one of the most impeccable examples of Romanesque style in the whole of Europe. You will discover majestic eaves, palaces and stately homes. Discover the legends, fascinating facts and customs of the inhabitants of Sangüesa, hospitable people used to welcoming pilgrims from the Santiago Way, those on a pilgrimage to the nearby Javier Castle and tourists in general.

Don't leave without trying its famous fresh pocha beans washed down with a good D.O Navarre wine. And if your visit falls on a Friday, head over to wander around the weekly market.

The company that offer guided tours of the town is Sanguesatour.


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Razones para no perdértela
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Cualquier época del año es buena para visitar Sangüesa.
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Acércate a conocer el Castillo de Javier, cuna del patrón de Navarra y el Monasterio de San Salvador de Leyre enclavado en la bella sierra del mismo nombre.


La duración de la visita es de 1,30h aproximadamente.