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Southern Grey Shrike (Lanius meridionalis)

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Southern Grey Shrike (Lanius meridionalis) - Southern Grey Shrike
icono pie de fotoSouthern Grey Shrike
Southern Grey Shrike

Medium-sized bird present in southern Navarre in the breeding season and throughout the region the rest of the year. Inhabits open field areas.

Zones: All zones.

Points d'observation recommandés: Bardenas, Laguna de Pitillas, Las Cañas Reservoir, Sotos del Arga... in the winter in Ultzama-Basaburua.

Époques de présence: all year round.

Observation: quite difficult due to its low density.

Caractère: resident.

Description: large shrike with long, black tail, black wings with white stripes, grey head and back, salmon-pink abdomen and breast, white gular region and black facemask. Short, sturdy, black bill. Often perches in noticeable places such as posts, bushes, etc.

Espèces similaires: none.

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