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The Table of the Three Kings

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The Table of the Three Kings - Panorámica cima
icono pie de fotoPanorámica cima
The Table of the Three Kings - Valle de Belagua
icono pie de fotoValle de Belagua
Panorámica cima The Table of the Three Kings, at 2,444 metres, is the tallest mountain in Navarre. Located in the Eastern Navarran Pyrenees, it earned its name because "on the peak, the kings of Aragon, Navarre and the Vizcounty of Bearne (France) could sit and converse, each on their own land"... Effectively, the peak is where the border lies separating France from Spain, in which was the confluence of these three former kingdoms.

It is a rocky mountain that is popular among mountaineers, and it can be accessed from various places such as Linza, Belagua and Lescun. The traditional ascent by Navarran mountaineers was made from the Rincón de Belagua, via the Artaparreta gully in over four hours of journey, which crossed four distinct landscapes: the placid valley basin of Belagua, the shade of the beech forest, the pastures of Larreria and Hoya de la Solana, and the rocky peak.

However, nowadays, after opening new roads, there is a clear route from the Rincón de Linza, a shorter and simpler route. In this case, interestingly enough, the most representative ascent in Navarre almost completely runs along Aragonese territory, and does not touch Navarran land until it reaches the hill of the Table.
Whichever route you choose, remember that it is not an easy walk; you have to be physically prepared and take the provisions necessary for an ascent of this kind.
The Valley of Roncal
Make the most of the chance to visit the Valley of Roncal, formed by seven towns with a marked personality, forged from ancestral traditions, a tasty gastronomy and nature in its purest form.



The ascent difficulty is classed as "High", given the unevenness and the weather conditions. Therefore it is recommendable to check the state of the roads and accessibility to the peak in winter and spring.



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