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Ubaba Balcony

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Ubaba Balcony
Ubaba Balcony
Ubaba Balcony
A spectacular viewpoint on the southern edge of the Natural Park of Urbasa-Andía, with a drop of 300 metres. It offers views over the valley of the Améscoas and the impressive waterfall at the source of the river Urederra, also including the Route of the Landscapes.
A number of paths run over the Urbasa-Andía Mountain Range. One of them goes along a cliff, allowing you to hear the sound of the clear waters of the river Urederra.
Is it a land of mountaineers, hill walkers and mountain bikers. Any time of the year is ideal to visit this area, although we would recommend avoiding it during the snowy season because the road may be closed and the place could be dangerous.
There is a car park close by.

Did you know that...?

El Mirador es uno de los 35 recursos seleccionados en la Ruta de los Paisajes de Navarra. Agua y Miradores.


How to get there and move around

take the NA-718 road from Estella-Lizarra to Olazagutía, inside the Natural Park. When you reach the "raso" (a flat space up on high) there is a car park 150 metres away from the cliff.

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