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Archeological site Roman villa of Liédena

Archaeological remains


Archeological site Roman villa of Liédena
Archeological site Roman villa of Liédena - Villa romana de Liédena
icono pie de fotoVilla romana de Liédena
Archeological site Roman villa of Liédena - Foz de Lumbier
icono pie de fotoFoz de Lumbier
Archeological site Roman villa of Liédena
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With the Lumbier gorge as a backdrop, the archaeological remains found here witness the fact that, thousands of years ago, there was a great Roman rural villa near Liédena (4th-5th centuries). It had over 50 rooms, including an olive oil store and press, thermal baths, and the living quarters of the nobles and servants, all around a central courtyard. Nowadays the remains of this villa (mosaics and other finds) are on display in the Museo de Navarra.

Two thousand years ago the Romans navigated up the river Ebro, found a climate and soils similar to those of Rome and decided to settle. The Roma villa of Liédena, was inhabited in two periods of the late Empire, in the 2nd and 4th centuries, as shown by the remains. Signs of a fire mean that the villa was possibly destroyed in a violent action in the 2nd century and rebuilt later. It reached its greatest splendour in the 4th century, its constructions reaching 76 by 168 metres in length and covering more or less one hectare.

The Roman villa of Liédena was made up of a peristyle or central courtyard, around which the living quarters and other rooms were arranged. Being a rural villa, it had a pond, olive oil store and press, and thermal baths. It was an excellent example of self-supply: cereals, vines and olives were grown and bread, wine and oil were made. It also had its own livestock…

The rooms were paved with geometric mosaics, as shown in the several finds that are now kept in the Museo de Navarra in Pamplona. The well, walls and a succession of slabs invite you to go back in history and imagine how the Romans lived in Liédena two thousand years ago.



después de pasar Liédena, tomar dirección Pamplona. En la rotonda que hay antes de entrar en la autovía señala "villa romana de Liédena". Tomar ésta dirección para llegar hasta las ruinas romanas donde contemplar también el corte de la Foz de Lumbier.

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  • Address Carretera Pamplona-Yesa, antes de llegar a Liédena, a la izq
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