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Goizueta Fair

Fairs and Markets / Agrifood, Handicrafts, Livestock


Goizueta Fair - Ferias Goizueta
icono pie de fotoFerias Goizueta
Goizueta Fair - Goizueta
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Ferias Goizueta This fair takes place in the peak of autumn, marked by the vibrant colours of the many forests that surround Goizueta, offering farmhouse and livestock products.

Vegetables, beans, eggs, honey, cheese, and other locally produced foods share a space with craftspeople and livestock. A unique opportunity to see Betizu cows, a local breed in danger of extinction that can be found in this part of Navarre, one of the few settings where these cows continue to thrive. The trikitixak will be in charge of setting the musical ambiance of the day, and as is it to be expected in a northern Spanish town, rural sport plays a starring role in the programme.

Did you know that...?

The betizu cow, with a reddish coat, is a figure from Basque mythology, considered to be the guardian of the riches that lie beneath the Earth. In caves and legends, it's represented as a bull of fire, projecting flames either through the mouth, nose or horns.


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Practical information

  • Locality GOIZUETA
  • Zone The Pyrenees
  • Website
  • Type Agrifood, Handicrafts, Livestock
  • Date
    • 30/11/2019
      2020 pending confirmation.