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NAVARRE CRAFT FAIR - Cartel Feria de Artesanía 2019
icono pie de fotoCartel Feria de Artesanía 2019
NAVARRE CRAFT FAIR - Artesanía. Cristal soplado.
icono pie de fotoArtesanía. Cristal soplado.
NAVARRE CRAFT FAIR - Feria de Arteanía. Plaza del Castillo
icono pie de fotoFeria de Arteanía. Plaza del Castillo
NAVARRE CRAFT FAIR - Artesanía de cera.
icono pie de fotoArtesanía de cera.



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Cartel Feria de Artesanía 2019 In the heart of Pamplona, the Plaza del Castillo transforms into a reference point of contemporary craftsmanship once again this year with the presence of numerous artisans from various disciplines: glass, ceramic, wood, paper, leather, bronze, textile, jewellery, and others work will all be on display.

This is a great opportunity to see hand-made craftsman work, and appreciate the quality of the raw materials used and the delicate finishings of the pieces.


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Practical information

  • Locality PAMPLONA ( 31000 )
  • Zone The Pamplona Basin
  • Address Plaza del Castillo
  • Website
  • Interesting links
  • E-mail artesanianavarra@navarra.es
  • Type Handicrafts
  • Date
    • 20/06/2019 - 23/06/2019
      2020 pending confirmation.
  • Opening hours
    • Jueves, de 17:30 a 21:30
    • Viernes, sábado y domingo, de 10:30 a 14:30 y de 17:30 a 21:30