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Medieval Market

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Medieval Market - Personaje medieval
icono pie de fotoPersonaje medieval
Medieval Market - Puento en mercado de agroalimentación
icono pie de fotoPuento en mercado de agroalimentación


Personaje medieval Jugglers, acrobats, dancers, hawkers and puppeteers walk through the streets of San Adrián. These performers share the limelight with the craftspeople. Their attractive stalls are neatly lined up with mouth-watering delicacies and trinkets: chocolates, teas, caramel-coated almonds, beads, ointments, clothing, carved objects…

Come to this town in the Navarran Ribera and see first-hand the creations made from fine materials from the medieval period, whilst the music, the romances and the tricks of jugglers and troubadours bring your shopping experience to life. Let the cast of Gothic characters sweep you up into the magic of yore.


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