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Kirikoketa Eguna

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Kirikoketa Eguna
Kirikoketa Eguna - Kirikoketa Eguna
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The amusing name of "Kirikoketa" comes from the instrument played at the end of the pressing of apples to produce cider. The participants used to get together in the village square to play it while they sang in Basque: "Kirikoketa, kirikoketa, kirikoketa, koketa, koketa, sagarra jo dela, sagarra jo dela, sagarra jo dela, jo dela, jo dela". Arizkun, one of the best-known villages in the Baztan valley, celebrates the Kirikoketa Eguna as a tribute to this tradition.
The day starts early with a walk to the winepress of Gamioxarrea with music, donkeys that carry the apples, ceremonial giants, dancers and the apple pressers. After the manual unloading of hundreds of kilos of apples in the village's baroque apple press (17th century), the must is obtained and then tasted by the public before being poured into casks, where it will ferment until it turns into cider. The dance of the kirikoketa then starts up.
In the meantime, and to the sound of the music, cider tastings are offered together with talos (corn cakes) and chestnuts, you can visit the handicraft stalls. After the communal meal another walk around Arizkun takes place with music and dancing... as long as your body can hang on!


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Practical information

  • Locality ARIZKUN
  • Zone The Pyrenees
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  • Type Gastronomic event, Thematic day
  • Date
    • 12/10/2019
    • 19/10/2019