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Day of the Valley of Aézkoa

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Day of the Valley of Aézkoa - Celebración Día del Valle de Aezkoa
icono pie de fotoCelebración Día del Valle de Aezkoa
Day of the Valley of Aézkoa - Traje típico del Valle de Aezkoa
icono pie de fotoTraje típico del Valle de Aezkoa
Day of the Valley of Aézkoa - Hórreo
icono pie de fotoHórreo



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Celebración Día del Valle de Aezkoa In north-west Navarre lies the Pyrenean valley of Aezkoa, which contains the localities of Garaioa, Aribe, Garralda, Aria, Hiriberri/Villanueva de Aezkoa, Orbara and Orbaizeta, Abaurregaina/Abaurrea Alta and Abaurrepea/Abaurrea Baja. You will be captivated by the scenery, the villages themselves and their popular architecture, with hórreos (granary stores) as the main feature. The valley, overlooked by a sinuous web of gullies and mountains, is home to four of the ten highest villages in Navarre, with Abaurreagaina/Abaurrea Alta (located 1,035 metres above sea level) the highest of them all. From this natural 'balcony' you will enjoy fabulous views of the Pyrenees.

Once a year, the people of the valley get together to celebrate their festivity. Music, exhibitions, a communal meal and typical costumes of the area await you with open arms.

Did you know that...?

The Days of the Valleys are celebrations of a festive nature that bring people together from the towns and villages in them. They are held on a rotating basis, and the organising town or village puts on the best possible show. The numerous activities - for all ages - make the event a fantastic opportunity to spend a pleasant day and get to know local traditions at the same time.


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  • Locality GARAIOA
  • Zone The Pyrenees
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  • Type Thematic day
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    • 16/09/2018
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