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Day of the Valley of Améscoa

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Day of the Valley of Améscoa



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Under the attentive gaze of the Urbasa-Andía natural park stands the ancient Valley of Améscoa. Its wealth and variety of habitats has led to two-thirds of the territory it covers being classified as an SCI (Site of [European] Community Importance). Of all the area's highlights, the impressive turquoise blue waters of the source of the Urederra river stand out.
The valley is divided into Améscoa baja (low) and alta (high) and is home to eleven villages: Larraona, Aranarache, Eulate, Ecala, San Martín, Zudaire, Baríndano, Baquedano, Artaza, Gollano and Urra. They rotate the organisation of the annual Festivity of the Valley, a pleasant day out that starts with the placing of a boundary stone and continues with games for the kids, an exhibition of rural sports and a lot of music, among other things.
Take the opportunity to get to know this attractive corner of Navarre.

Did you know that...?

Este año celebra su 25 edición y la temática girará en torno a la carbonera.


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Practical information

  • Locality GOLLANO ( 31272 )
  • Zone The Central Zone, The Pyrenees
  • Type Thematic day
  • Date
    • 01/06/2019
      2021 pending confirmation.
    • 08/06/2019
      2021 pending confirmation.
    • 15/06/2019
      2021 pending confirmation.
    • 22/06/2019
      2021 pending confirmation.
  • Observaciones fechas
    • Días 1, 8 y 15 actividades en torno a la carbonera
    • Día 22, "Día del Valle"