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Day of the Valley of Valdizarbe

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Day of the Valley of Valdizarbe


To the south of the Perdón mountain range stands the Valle de Valdizarbe with its rich and changing landscapes where you will find beautiful and surprising spots, villages, chapels, wind farms and panoramic views of great beauty. The valley is home to the localities of Adiós, Añorbe, Biurrun-Olcoz, Enériz, Legarda, Muruzábal, Obanos, Tirapu, Úcar, Uterga, and the town of Puente la Reina.
Puente is where the two branches of the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago come together (the 'French' and the 'Aragonese' routes). A visit to the villages and monuments in the valley is an authentic pleasure.
And why not do it on the Day of the Valley? Every year the local people put


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Practical information

  • Locality ENÉRIZ
  • Zone The Central Zone
  • Type Thematic day
  • Date
    • 01/06/2019
      2020 pending confirmation.