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Complejo taurino Santa Ana



Complejo taurino Santa Ana
Complejo taurino Santa Ana
Complejo taurino Santa Ana
Complejo taurino Santa Ana



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The Santa Ana bullfighing complex allows you to manage, prepare, hold and participate in all kinds of bullfighting events. It has medical and safety personnel (herdsmen, dobladores [guiders]...) professionals from the bullfighting word, recortadores [dodgers], novilleros [fighters of young bulls] and, of course, fighting bulls.

Either in the Sana Ana complex or in other bullrings there is an opportunity to enjoy competitions and shows involving recortadores or putting rings on bulls' horns, comic bullfights or the release of steers and novilladas (bullfights with young bulls), among others.

The complex also holds personalised fiestas camperas (amateur bullfights) involving anything from dinners to stag parties, friends' reunions or sessions for sports clubs. All of them combine a meal with the release of steers and services such as the contracting of music bands, DJs, etc.


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  • Locality TUDELA
  • Zone The Ribera
  • Address Carretera Ejea de los Caballeros
  • Tel. 646746984
  • E-mail adrian.tudela@hotmail.com