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Popular pilgrimage to the Virgen Blanca

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Popular pilgrimage to the Virgen Blanca - Axuri-Beltza
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Popular pilgrimage to the Virgen Blanca - Jaurrieta
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Between 11th and 15th August, the Pyrenean village of Jaurrieta, in the Salazar valley, celebrates its patron saint. The 15th is the main day, in honour of the Virgen Blanca (White Virgin Mary). The people carry an effigy of the Virgin to a chapel dedicated to her in a romería (popular pilgrimage).

After an open-air mass, at noon the women of Jaurrieta, dressed in thetraditional costume of the valley - a black skirt and jacket of the same colour with gold ribbing - dance the "Axuri Beltza". This dance originated in Jaurrieta and has its own music and words; a popular song with period rhythms and clothes. It is a dance reserved for women "neska-dantza". While they dance in a circle to the sound of the txistu (Basque flute), they sing the words: "Axuri beltza ona duk bainan xuria berriz hobea, dantzan ikasi nahi duen horrek nere oinetara begira (...)".

When the ceremony ends an "hamarretako" (snack) based on cheese, chistorra (spicy sausage) and wine is offered.


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