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Biology station

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Biology station


Very near the groves along the river Ebro and the Bardenas Reales Natural Park, two hectares at "El Raso" in the municipality of Arguedas are home to this biological station, the first in southern Navarre. The landscape is representative of the area, covered with natural vegetation and surrounded by rice fields.

The heart of the station is a bioclimatic building, an old construction made with stone from the Bardenas Reales. It has been restored and welcomes visitors in its environmental workshop room and its bird observatory. The facility is fully equipped to carry out the activities that take place in the station.

The environmental education workshop focuses on informing visitors about the activities that are programmed in the station and everything to do with the rice fields and birdlife; this is done through a permanent exhibition. We would highlight the models of striking birds and features of the surrounding area. The teaching element is completed with a room for talks and a nature library.

The main activity of the station is bird-watching because a large number of birds use the area to nest, feed or shelter. This means that birds can be seen quite easily at any time of the year. The observatory is equipped with telescopes and binoculars to observe species such as the Western marsh harrier, the white stork, or species in danger of extinction such as the reed bunting.


Opening hours


  • Horario habitual: sábados y domingos, de 11:00 a 17:00. De lunes a viernes, sólo visitas de grupos concertando con antelación.
  • Día 12 de octubre (festivo): de 11:00 a 17:00.
  • Puente de noviembre (del 1 al 3 de noviembre): horario sin cambios, salvo día 1, de 11:00 a 17:00.
  • Puente de diciembre (del 30 de noviembre al 8 de diciembre): horario sin cambios, salvo los días 3 y 6, de 11:00 a 17:00.


Remarks: entrada gratuita.

Guided visit

Description: para grupos, previa cita telefónica.

Service provider: Gurelur 948 151 077  y 606 980 068

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