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Asparagus Day

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Asparagus Day
Asparagus Day
Asparagus Day
Asparagus Day
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This spring vegetable is highly appreciated in Dicastillo, a small village with narrow, steep streets located on the southern side of Montejurra that holds a festivity in its honour every year.
Once the winner of the Asparagus Competition of Dicastillo has been decided and the prize awarded for the asparagus of highest quality and best appearance, a collective tasting takes place in which several hundred kilos of the 'white gold of Navarre' are shared out to delight the visitors.
Asparagus is not the only star in this fair, however. Several stalls with handcrafts and traditional food products fill the windy streets of the village, and the traditional wine route offers wine and pacharán (a liquor made from anisette and sloe berries). Like on any festive occasions, music and dancing create a great atmosphere in this festivity with a stamp of quality.

Asparagus is one of the stars of the region's market gardens, and its quality is backed up by the Specific designation of "Espárrago de Navarra".

Did you know that...?

Para Ferran Adrià, uno de los mejores chefs del mundo, el espárrago es su verdura predilecta por su versatilidad y  las enormes posibilidades que ofrece.


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  • Locality DICASTILLO ( 31263 )
  • Zone The Central Zone
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  • Type Gastronomic event, Thematic day
  • Date
    • 10/05/2020
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