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Underground water interpretation centre (Spring at Arteta)

Nature Interpretation Centres / Environmental education centre


Underground water interpretation centre (Spring at Arteta) - Manantial del Arteta
icono pie de fotoManantial del Arteta
Underground water interpretation centre (Spring at Arteta) - Centro de Información
icono pie de fotoCentro de Información
Underground water interpretation centre (Spring at Arteta) - Ulzurrun, Valle de Ollo
icono pie de fotoUlzurrun, Valle de Ollo
Underground water interpretation centre (Spring at Arteta) - Saleras de Arteta
icono pie de fotoSaleras de Arteta


Manantial del Arteta
The environmental education centre at the Spring of Arteta, located in the peaceful Ollo valley 30 kilometers from Pamplona, allows us to discover the mysterious world of the underground water hidden behind the spring itself.

This source has supplied water to Pamplona since 1896. Its underground waters account for more than 50% of the water consumed in the Pamplona area, where about half of the population of Navarre is concentrated (around 275,000). The rest comes from the reservoir at Eugi, located in the Navarrese Pyrenees near the Quinto Real forest.

The aquifer that supplies it stores rainwater and melted snow from a surface area of 100 square kilometres and covers the vast meadows of the Andía range of hills. This territory has the highest levels of stockbreeding in the region and covers the crop fields of the villages in the Goñi valley.

If you get as far as Arteta, make sure you visit the church of San Salvador, built in the early 13th century, with its nave covered by a pointed barrel vault and circular apse, and also its interesting ethnographic museum.


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