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Organise your day in San Fermin

"1 de enero, 2 de febrero, 3 de marzo, 4 de abril, 5 de mayo, 6 de junio, 7 de julio San Fermín… A Pamplona hemos de ir…" - "1st January, 2nd February, 3rd March, 4th April, 5th May, 6th June, 7th July San Fermin... To Pamplona we need to go..."

Everything starts on the 6th July at 12 noon with the firing of the rocket or Chupinazo in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento town hall square, where the shouts of "Long live San Fermin!" combined with the roar of the rocket, create an excitement that fills the square. From that moment onwards, red and white, the dominant colours of the fiestas, flood the streets of Pamplona. A fiesta which lasts 8 days, packed with bull events, music, traditions, dancing, and a fantastic atmosphere.

If you'd like to discover all the details about how to organise a typical day in the San Fermin fiestas and make sure you don't miss out on anything, then this is our proposal:

Start by watching the running of the bulls from a balcony located on the bull-running route, accompanied by a local guide from Pamplona, an expert in the San Fermin fiestas. The bull-running is followed by a typical breakfast. You can enjoy this in any of the city's hotels or, if you're lucky, at the Nuevo Casino, a private establishment where the "Baile de la Alpargata" (dance of the espadrille) is held. Access is restricted to members and a few companies. The Casino is located in the Plaza del Castillo main square, right in the heart of Pamplona, where many locals gather for breakfast and to enjoy this special atmosphere.

From 9:30 onwards, the procession of the gigantes y cabezudos (giants and bigheads) starts to go round the streets, an attractive proposal for spending the morning in San Fermin. Additional entertainment includes music, regional dancing, plays and rural sports, held throughout the fiestas. You can also visit the market stalls in the Taconera park and make a few purchases of clothes, handcrafted items, fashion jewellery and a whole lot more.

The morning is also the best time to take a guided tour of the bull-running route and the city. Thanks to the guides, you'll fast become an expert in the San Fermin fiestas.

From 18:00 until 20:30 you can watch a bull fight in the ring and, at the end, enjoy the lively atmosphere of the peñas (social clubs) as they parade out of the ring, one of the most colourful events in the fiestas.

In the evening, sample the flavourful tapas on offer in the bars and then go on to watch the firework display with a glass of cava on the ideally-located terrace of the Baluarte, the palace of congresses and auditorium of Pamplona, just opposite the citadel, where the display is held.

End the night with live music and songs on one of the many stages dotted around the city centre.

To make sure you don't miss out on any of these events, get in contact with the companies and let an expert guide you through the San Fermin adventure so that you can experience the fiestas to the full.

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Razones para no perdértela
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How to finish the day

How to finish the day

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