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Due to the measures gradually being taken to manage the coronavirus, many events and scheduled activities are undergoing modification or cancellation. We therefore recommend that you reconfirm the contents published on this website.
Activities and experiencies

Wine tourism activities

Navarra is a land of wines. To help you discover them, we've put together a whole range of activities and experiences that will allow you to enjoy our wines in every sense, with your family, partner or friends: touching, smelling and, above all, tasting our wines ... don't miss out on the activities that are organised all year round at the wineries and vineyards and enjoy savouring a good Navarra wine.

Are you interested in discovering all about the winemaking process? Then we'd like to suggest a tour of a winery to learn about all the wine production stages, from the vine to the table. During the tour, you will be shown the vineyards, the facilities and the machinery used in the process. And, to end the tour on a good note, you'll get the opportunity to enjoy a wine tasting experience which is sometimes accompanied by the sampling of regional produce.


If, after the tour of the winery, you still want more then we've got other wine-related experiences lined up for you.
The Navarra wine trail brings together a careful selection of wineries and high quality tourist establishments, inviting you to enjoy the pleasures of the good life and to discover the wine culture of our land.
  • "Romanesque and wine in the Area of Irantzu". Sundays, 2 and 9 June  (+info)
  • "Thirst to explore" includes a tour of vineyards in a 4x4 convertible and a visit to a winery with the tasting of 3 wines.
  • Bodegas Unsi winery, Olite. From March onwards, from Mondays to Saturdays. Bookings at +34 948741273 and through Guiarte.
  • "Vineyard tour in a horse-drawn carriage" accompanied by an expert vine-grower who will introduce you to the world of organic and biodynamic farming. Includes a guided tasting of wines and grape must in the vineyard. Bodegas Lezaun winery, Lacar. Minimum 8 persons, maximum 12. Book in advance on +34 948 541 339 or through info@lezaun.com.
  • "Tour of the Señorío de Otazu estate" a 120 minute visit including the "Tour of the Pago de Otazu" (unique estate grown wines), as well as a walk through the historical medieval estate of Señorío de Otazu. Bodegas Otazu winery, Pamplona. Tours on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 11:00 or 11:30 Book in advance on +34 948 329 200, or info@otazu.com or at Otazu.
  • "Play at being an oenologist" with this interesting activity, visitors will get the opportunity not only to discover one of the best kept secrets in the winemaking process, but will also put their wine knowledge to the test. Bodegas Otazu winery, Etxauri. Tours on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 11:00 or 11:30 Book in advance on +34 948 329 200, or info@otazu.com or at Otazu.
  • "Tasting games" starting with the "Make your own wine" blending activity. Blind tasting to differentiate between red, white and rosé wines, aroma workshop and how to differentiate Pago de Larrainzar vintages from other areas and price ranges. Bodegas Pago de Larrainzar winery, Ayegui. Book 7 days in advance on +34 948 550 421 and at info@pagodelarrainzar.com.
  • "Visit the work of Rafael Moneo and take a ride in a 4x4", visit the historical complex and the work of architect Rafael Moneo, with rides through the estate in a 4x4, crossing the river Ega as far as a natural stone terrace. Bodegas Arínzano winery, Arínzano. Book in advance on +34 948 555 285 or at cgarro@arinzano.com
  • "Rides through the vineyards in a military Humvee" a different way of getting first-hand knowledge about the vine growing cycle, viticultural techniques, the differences between varieties, soil types, climate influence, etc. Bodegas Manzanos winery, Azagra. From Mondays to Sundays, at 10 a.m. Maximum 3 occupants per vehicle (2 Humvees are available). Book in advance on +34 948 692 500 or at info@manzanos.com
  • "Tastings with Reyno Gourmet products and D.O. Navarra wines". From 1 July until 31 August. A number of hotels in Pamplona offer tasting sessions of D.O. Navarra products such as asparagus, artichokes, peppers and olive oil.

  • "Experience grape harvesting" in September and October, participants will be responsible for selecting the grape variety and plot. This will be followed by a mid-morning snack at the vineyard with char-grilled Txistorra (fresh garlic & paprika sausage), bacon, market garden produce and wine tasting. The activity will be completed with the manual selection of grapes and destemming to fill the winemaking barrel. Bodegas Lezaun Winery, Lacar. Minimum 12 persons, maximum 25. Book in advance on +34 948 541 339 or through info@lezaun.com.
  • "Grape harvesting with the family" the Beitu Rural Tourism Centre, in Beire, just 4 kms from Olite, offers you the opportunity to experience grape harvesting as a family occasion: picking, treading and crushing the grapes, bottling the juice and taking it home. Price 15 €, including a char-grilled lunch.

  • Bodegas Lezaun: the carvery-restaurant at Bodegas Lezaun is a unique, welcoming place set in the heart of the winery (+info).
  • Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín: a restaurant in which you can taste the culinary specialities of Navarra (+info).
  • Bodegas Aroa: the Aroa Bodegas restaurant is the perfect place for enjoying fine cuisine, where every attention is given to the quality of the produce, simplicity and good preparation (+info).
  • Bodegas Pago de Cirsus: enjoy breakfast, lunch or an evening meal at the bodegas Pago de Cirsus restaurant, where a tour of the winery will make your experience one to be remembered (+info).
  • Bodegas Manzanos: the restaurant at this winery offers some spectacular views of the barrel cellar (+info).
  • Bodegas Príncipe de Viana: enjoy a luxurious menu and savour the vegetables of La Ribera in southern Navarra, accompanied by a good wine from the winery. (+info).

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