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Fiestas of Sangüesa

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Fiestas, traditions and events of interest / Local festival


Fiestas of Sangüesa - Encierro de toros en las Fiestas de Sangüesa
icono pie de fotoEncierro de toros en las Fiestas de Sangüesa
Fiestas of Sangüesa - Procesión en las Fiestas de Sangüesa
icono pie de fotoProcesión en las Fiestas de Sangüesa


Encierro de toros en las Fiestas de Sangüesa The fiestas of Sangüesa are held from the 11th to the 17th of  September, from the moment the rocket is launched at 12 noon to mark their commencement to the Poor Old Me at the end of the last day. The bullfights, preceded by the parade of mules, the municipal band, pipers and brass band, are one of the main highlights of the festivities. Sangüesa is also one of four towns in Navarre, together with Pamplona,Tafalla and Tudela, where real bulls run through the streets, with all the excitement that entails.

Reveilles, the parade of the troupe of Giants and Bigheads, shows for children, bulls of fire for the kids and open-air dances mark the daily agenda. The most colourful and fun day of all is the day everyone dresses up in fancy dress.  Another typical event is the dance of the Old jota and the Descent from the "Práu", which takes place every day at 1.20 p.m., when the young men and women from the town accompany the local band from the Plaza de los Fueros to the Town Hall.


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