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The House of Navarre's First Female Saint

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The House of Navarre's First Female Saint - La Santa
icono pie de fotoLa Santa


La Santa
Vicenta María López y Vicuña, Navarre's first female saint, was born in this four-storey house owned by her paternal grandmother in the centre of Cascante. To find out more about the town's famous inhabitant, there is no better solution than a visit to the old rooms where the saint was born and raised. A journey through a life of dedication through her memories: personal items, paintings, documents and even the clothes she wore.

On the 22nd of March 1847, Vicenta María López y Vicuña came into the world. She was born in her parents bedroom in her grandmother's house in Cascante. Back then, nobody imagined that the four-storey house would become part of history as the home of Navarre's first female saint, an honour she earned through a life of dedication to others. She opened a number of hostels to help young people who would leave the safety of their homes to enter into service in other places.

Now, the building where she was born has been turned into a museum; four floors of memories that provide us with detailed knowledge of this woman.

What can we see?
Ground Floor:
previously used to store the harvest, today it exhibits stone drawings.

First Floor: where the family lived. An interesting library, the office of the saint's father.

Second Floor: a period kitchen or range, the saint's bedroom, the family dining room, oratory and the bedroom where she was born.

Third Floor: a museum of memories and relics. Display cabinets with baby and little girl's clothes, the little chair where she sat when she received religious instruction from her father for the first time, religious medallions, a sheet on which her corpse was laid out and the works of the saint, as well as other curious objects.


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  • Locality CASCANTE
  • Zone The Ribera
  • Address Calle Santa Vicenta María 14
  • Tel. 948851819 - 678887006
  • E-mail museovmcascante@yahoo.es