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Located in a natural setting at Orísoain, in the Valdorba area, this museum recreates the life of a family of farm workers in the last century, before the arrival of industry and the modernisation of agricultural machinery.

A route takes you through this rural world in miniature where you can see the work done at different times of the year in the form of tools, wall panels and photographs. Take a journey back in time to see threshers, sickles, harvesters, hoes, etc. The most emotive moment of the visit reveals the secret life of bees in the form of a live beehive.

The museum contains different rooms: exhibition, beekeeping, a multi-purpose room and a garden.

  • Exhibition Room: It includes work in the fields , livestock and parts of the house. On display is a collection of farming implements that has been carefully restored (a kind of wooden glove for cropping, hoes, a flint thresher or one with wheels and a saw, harvesters, balers and sifters); a goatskin lined with tar to transport wine; a very old animal skin pump; Roman ploughs, carts; cultivator; seeders; hoes; an area with meticulous details of a period kitchen and an authentic hayloft on two levels.

  • Beekeeping Room: Located next to the exhibition, it displays the surprising life of bees in the form of a live beehive. It contains materials used in beehives and shows the work of the beekeepers: extraction of honey, the placing and melting of wax, etc.

  • Multi-purpose Room: a place where different activities are carried out related to the exhibition. These activities vary depending on the time of year.

  • Garden: a charming area with oak and ilex trees where you can taste a wine or watch the children play. There is also a windmill that draws water from the earth.

The owners of the museum also have a country guest house for visitors who wish to stay over: El Pajar (hayloft).



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