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'Pilón' bull run

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'Pilón' bull run - Encierro del Pilón. Falces
icono pie de fotoEncierro del Pilón. Falces
Vídeo del Encierro del Pilón.



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Encierro del Pilón. Falces
The 'Pilón' bull run in Falces takes place at 9 a.m. every morning of the festivities in honour of the Virgin Mary of Nieva (9 days after the penultimate Sunday in August). Steers, young men and the hillside become the protagonists of one of the most curious bull events in Navarre. An 800-metre routes runs down a narrow and steep path down to the town. On one side is the 'wall' of the hillside, with a gully on the other side. The result: a scenario of a spectacular nature that adds strong emotion to the event.

Indeed, the special location of the town beneath a cliff meant that in the early 20th century livestock was driven across the higher plateau above it to avoid having to cross the river. Originally, the people of Falces brought bread, chorizo, salted cod and wine with them as they waited for the animals to come down from the hill. Sometime between the 1920s-1940s some young men started to compete with each other by running in front of the steers to see who was the fastest and bravest. That is how this hundred-year-old custom started.

Despite the danger involved, the route has always been the same, despite a few occasions on which different routes were tried out. Sometimes the steers decide to change direction and run back up the hill or down through the gully, which creates a fair bit of panic among the spectators. It is a unique spectacle worthy of admiration. After the Pilón, there is nothing better than a hearty mid-morning meal in any of the town's bars.


How to buy tickets : El encierro se celebra durante las fiestas patronales de domingo a domingo, a las 9:00 de la mañana.

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  • Locality FALCES
  • Zone The Ribera
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    • 11/08/2020 - 18/08/2020