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Leitzalarrea is an extraordinary wood, and a very important one from the environmental point of view. It covers more or less half of the municipality of Leitza and mainly consists of beech and oak trees, although there are also several meadows and fern groves. Several types of conifers have also been planted there.

However, not everything in Leitzalarrea is Nature. The megalithic monuments spread across the territory give an idea of how long people have lived in the area. For many centuries mining was also very important, and many remains and waste products of the ancient foundries can still be seen today. The main economic activities of the area are now stockbreeding and forestry.

Walks and other ideas to discover the secrets of Leitzalarrea:
  • Walk and picnic area in Ixkibar: Starting from the centre of Leitza, head north. A few metres before the old Plazaola railway station, take the road to the left that leads to Leitzalarrea. After 8 kilometres you reach Ixkibar, where you can leave the car and visit the surroundings on foot. You may prefer to rest and have something to eat in the picnic area there.
  • Leitzalarrea path: this takes you to some very interesting places, among them Aritzaundi, where you can see the remains of an old oak tree that fell in 1888. Pass the crossroads located near the Ixkibar car park and the river and you have a straight line of 6 kilometres 600 metres in front of you.
  • Ixkibar-Aitzmurdi path (PR - NA 196): a signposted route starting from the old Plazaola railway station. It follows the old line as far as the wood of Leitzalarrea, reaching the picnic area of Ixkibar and ends up at Aitzmurdi.
  • La calzada de los ladrones (SL - NA 285): Literally, the "Thieves' road", a signposted path starting from the old Plazaola railway station that follows the Greenway as far as the border with Gipuzkoa. This is the starting point of the path that follows the Thieves' Route (lapurren kaltzada in Basque) and takes you as far as the picnic area of Ixkibar.
  • Megaliths of Iruso: a signposted path that takes you to the 'Restaurante Iruso', four kilometres from Leitza. It includes 5 dolmens, 2 burial mounds and 1 menhir, in a distance of about 2.5 kilometres.
  • The white pines of Izaieta: This spot is located next to the road that starts at the Ixkibar picnic area. It contains a number of white pine trees (Abies alba) that reach a height of almost 40 metres; they have been declared Natural Heritage. Some of them have fallen due to age, disease or the climate.
Plazaola railway station, take the road to the left that leads to Leitzalarrea. After


How to get there and move around

: salida de Pamplona por la N-240-A o por la autopista A-15. Ambas confluyen justo antes de Irurtzun en la autovía A-15. Continuar por esta vía hasta Lekunberri y, desde esta localidad, por la NA-1700, hasta Leitza. Una vez pasada la fábrica de Sarrió, coger el primer desvío a mano izquierda. Siguiendo la carretera, tras una larga cuesta, veremos el cartel indicador de Leitzalarrea.

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