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Leurtza reservoirs

Lakes and reservoirs


Leurtza reservoirs - Embalse de Leurtza
icono pie de fotoEmbalse de Leurtza
Leurtza reservoirs - Embalse de Leurtza
icono pie de fotoEmbalse de Leurtza
Leurtza reservoirs - Embalses y presa
icono pie de fotoEmbalses y presa
Leurtza reservoirs - Embalse de Leurtza
icono pie de fotoEmbalse de Leurtza
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Embalse de Leurtza
In north-western Navarre, between the municipalities of Urroz and Beintza-Labaien, there are hidden two reservoirs constructed in 1920. In the midst of the forests of the Atlantic part of Navarre, we find these mountain lakes a delightful surprise.

The location of the reservoirs in a closed valley covered with beech trees gives the place a special magic. As if they had been pulled out of a fairy tale, the Leurtza reservoirs have been officially listed as a Natural recreational area. Fitted with barbecuing facilities, picnic tables, and information points, combined with the water, wooded slopes, and surrounding peacefulness and attractive landscape, this natural space is the ideal destination for family outings.

An interesting way of enjoying this enclave is to stroll along the comfortable signposted, 3.5 kilometre trail with an altitude differential of just 60 metres. From the trail, you can admire the uses, fauna and flora of this privileged site. Thus, a sculpture of a European Common Brown Frog reminds us that this small amphibian is the most typical of the place, while the clearing of the collier's mound underscores the ancient production of charcoal in the forest. It can be completed with a stroll along another 9-kilometre-long signposted path.

Let the freshness of the walk envelop you and enjoy the magical peacefulness of these mountain lakes.

Did you know that...?

Leurtza reservoirs are one of the 35 resources selected in the Route of Landscape of Navarre. Water and viewpoints.


How to get there and move around

tomar la carretera N-121A hacia Irún, desviarse a Doneztebe/Santesteban y, por la NA-4040 hasta Urrotz. Carretil asfaltado de 5 km asciende hasta los embalses de Leurtza.


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