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The source of the Urederra



The source of the Urederra - Cascadas del Urederra
icono pie de fotoCascadas del Urederra
The source of the Urederra - Observando el Urederra
icono pie de fotoObservando el Urederra
The source of the Urederra - Nacedero del Urederra
icono pie de fotoNacedero del Urederra
The source of the Urederra - Sendero Urederra
icono pie de fotoSendero Urederra
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  • Se va a proceder a gestionar la llegada de los visitantes por franjas horarias que les serán notificadas por correo electrónico y no se va a permitir el acceso fuera de las mismas para evitar posibles focos de contagio.
  • Para la apertura de este Espacio Natural Protegido, tanto el Departamento de Desarrollo Rural y Medio Ambiente del Gobierno de Navarra como el Concejo de Baquedano han implementado un Plan de Contingencia frente al COVID-19.

Cascadas del Urederra The Source of the river Urederra, located to the north of Estella-Lizarra, is the natural outlet of the aquifer formed in the Karstic massif in the Urbasa-Andia Nature Park

A path covering a distance of 6.2 kilometres (there and back) with a 90 m difference in height starts at the reception area located at the entrance to the village of Baquedano. The car park and tourist information centre are located in this area.

Once you're on the forest track and after going through a gate, the path splits into two. It's best to take the left path, which runs closest to the river, and then return along the eastern path which is higher up. The path runs in the opposite direction to the river flow and stops a few metres before the cascade, considered to be the river source.

The walk takes around two and a half hours, through dense woodland of predominantly beech trees and with a series of  cascades and numerous pools of water, turquoise in colour, that are formed by the Karst process, by which water filters through the cracks in the rocks, rising time and time again from the depths of the earth.

Did you know that...?

  • La especial tonalidad de estas aguas es la que seguramente habrá inspirado a quien bautizó al río con el nombre de Urederra, que significa "agua hermosa".
  • Este sendero es uno de los senderos imprescindibles de Navarra.



The total length of the path is 6.2 kilometres (return) and a difference in height of 90 metres.

We recommend good walking boots due to the irregular terrain, which is impermeable when it rains.

The path is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility nor for children's' pushchairs.

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