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Museum of Navarra

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Museum of Navarra - Museum facade
icono pie de fotoMuseum facade
Museum of Navarra - Marquis of San Adrian - Goya
icono pie de fotoMarquis of San Adrian - Goya
Museum of Navarra - Museo de Navarra. Fachada
icono pie de fotoMuseo de Navarra. Fachada
Museum of Navarra - Detalle Arqueta de Leire.
icono pie de fotoDetalle Arqueta de Leire.
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Museum facade
You may have decided to get to know the historic quarter of Pamplona because of the reputation of its bars and shops, or just through the enjoyable experience of strolling through the streets. On your route you might go down calle Santo Domingo with the sole intention of seeing the start of the world-famous Bull Run of the fiesta of San Fermín. However, something could make you change you mind and really round off your visit to this part of town: the Museum of Navarre.

The building, an ancient hospital of Our Lady of Mercy and a museum since 1956, takes you through the art and history of Navarre from Prehistoric times to the present day. Among its most interesting sections we would highlight the first-century Roman mosaic of the Triumph of Bacchus, the Romanesque capitals of the ancient cathedral of Pamplona, the Mozarabic chest from the Monastery of Leire, or the portrait of the Marquis of San Adrián painted by Goya.

Crowning a rise in the calle Santo Domingo, the building of the Museo de Navarra has a proud motto over its entrance: to make the past present. Both these themes blend harmoniously in the facade of the Museum, and already suggest the stroll that awaits you inside through the history and art of this land, almost since Man decided to settle here. The building houses special examples of Navarre's heritage, presented chronologically on four floors from Prehistory in the basement to 20th-century art on the top floor.

The visit begins in the rooms dedicated to Prehistory, Roman art and Medieval art. Here you can see a ceremonial chalice from the Iron Age, mosaics such as the one depicting Theseus and the Minotaur, and archaeological remains that witness the presence of the Romans in Pamplona and many other places in the region.

On the first floor and part of the second, several jewels of medieval Navarrese art are displayed: beautiful capitals from the ancient Romanesque Cathedral of Pamplona, Gothic sculptures, medieval silverwork and a special jewel that should not be missed: the ivory chest from the Monastery of Leire, sculpted in the year 1005.

Renaissance works complete the second floor, with the mural of the Palace of Oriz (16th century) as one of the outstanding pieces. On the third floor you will find Baroque and 19th century works of art, and the fourth floor is dedicated to the 20th century.

The Museum of Navarre proudly exhibits one of the best portraits by Goya, that of the Marquis of San Adrián, a mature work by the artist that shows his mastery of technique. Goya's paintbrush applies the colours directly, achieving a play of volume, light and texture that has nothing to do with academic convention. It is a portrait of an aristocrat with Romantic nuances and a strong psychological element.

In addition to works by key Navarrese painters such as Ciga or Basiano, the Museum has a collection of contemporary paintings and sculptures by artists related to Navarre such as Caro, Oteiza, Royo, Salaberri, Aquerreta or Manterola.

You will get a feeling of dynamism during your visit to the museum, in the form of temporary exhibitions, film cycles, and concerts and conferences that are open to the public. There are guided tours of the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions. The museum also has a library, shop-bookshop and a collection of documents on contemporary Navarrese artists.



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