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Spring, flavours and countryside

Oh!, long-awaited spring... 

We've got through the belt-tightening in January and we've survived the cold in February, the after-school activities, the colds and flu, the long working days... and we can't take any more! We want some light, to open the windows and the leaves to come back on the trees. And we want to take off layers of clothing and to feel the sun's heat, and to once again enjoy the evenings on the terraces and to get up early on Sundays and go out for a trip. And we think of the coming long weekend holidays of Easter and May, and our eyes light up as we look forward to all this.

If we haven't managed to "reconnect" in winter,
then the arrival of spring will give us a new opportunity!
Are you ready to live life to the full or to take things easy...
in this new season?


In Navarra the woods awaken from their winter slumber, the north turns green and the rivers flow strongly, while the herds graze peacefully in the pastures. Each at his own pace. The source of the river Urederra is magnificent, and its waters take on an even deeper turquoise. And the Irati Forest, the Bertiz nature park and the woodlands of Orgi and Quinto Real reveal their small treasures and reach out to invite us to draw near, with respect and care. 


In Navarra, we love and care for our environment
and we would like others to do the same.


Explore our must-do trails, and be amazed by the ancient dolmens on the sierra of Aralar, hug - if you can - the impressive oak trees, jump streams, collect stones, gather leaves and wild berries and try and capture with your camera those elusive little animals that hide as soon as they see you. Get immersed in nature and let it fill you with purity and authenticity. This may be a good time to reset yourself… And if you'd like to do this actively, then visit the MTB centres in Tierra Estella in southern Navarra or the Eremua trails just north of Pamplona.



Your palates will also be awakened to new flavours!
That is if they ever fell asleep!

To delicate tastes created on the river plains of La Ribera, such as asparagus, the refreshing rosé wine of San Martín de Unx or the surprising tapas creations presented during the Pincho Week of Navarra. To dishes based on carefully prepared ingredients, sourced from our land, from our local area... We look after ourselves and we'd also like to take care of you.

Spring inspires pilgrims to start out on the Way of St James and most begin their journey at the legendary Orreaga/Roncesvalles, a small stronghold in the heart of the Navarra Pyrenees. Pilgrims then pass through Pamplona, Puente la Reina, Estella-Lizarra, Viana… cities and towns with old quarters with a lot of history.If you choose the Jaca branch, then you'll get the opportunity to discover Romanesque treasures such as the incredible doorway of the Santa María de Sangüesa church or the intriguing church of Eunate. You do the Way, as best suits you. 

Alone, as a couple, in groups, doing the whole Way, in stages, staying at hostels or in luxury hotels, carrying a backpack or taking advantage of luggage transfer from one stage to the next...


Whatever way you choose, it's a life-changing experience.
So go ahead and make room
in your agenda.
And let us know how it goes.


It's also a good time to sit down and get something to eat or drink in the Plaza del Castillo square in central Pamplona, while observing the hustle and bustle of city life from your bench or table. Then, how about taking a look at the nearby shops and getting a food souvenir to take back with you? Think of your loved ones and get them a good wine or any of the attractive jars on display on the shop shelves, containing real delicacies with the Navarra Designation of Origin

And at this time of year, a must-visit is the Bardenas Reales Nature Park, to view the more fertile side or our desert. If it's arid image is impressive, it becomes incredible when resplendent in green.

And it's even more enthralling, if at all possible,
due to its short-lived nature.
You either go there in spring or you miss out completely.


And, to end, if you'd like to discover the whys and wherefores of our culture, but with a festive touch, then you've come at just the right time of year, because each product of the land has its own day of honour, and each town and village has its own pilgrimage day. And a host of events are organised, so you're sure to find something that you like and makes you come alive: marathons, artisan days, food fairs, concerts, homages to the trades of yesteryear such as the Almadías Day reliving the traditional rafting practice of transporting wood downstream, as well as the religious traditions of the Holy Week.

Spring in Navarra is an invitation to live, to connect to the real things in life, to your roots and to nature in its purest state. Are you ready to shake off your winter blues and to enjoy some of the things that we've been telling you about?

Experience spring in Navarra

Don't miss it!