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Woodlands and vineyards

Autumn arrives on the 21st September And although summer has allowed you to recharge your batteries, you need a great deal of energy for the return to school in September, saying goodbye to holiday breaks and the beach, to easy conversation on the terrace, and to lazing around in the sun ...

And to find a solution to this,
as well as taking things lightly,
we're going to get organised, 
as there are a number of long weekend holidays in sight!

Autumn isn't what it used to be. At least in Navarra, the weather is almost summer-like with pleasant temperatures, so that you can still go around in short sleeves and wear sunglasses during the months of September and October. The mornings and evenings are fresher, but the days are still very enjoyable.

And so what can Navarra offer you in autumn? It's not easy to sum everything up, but basically you can enjoy our cultural heritage that never changes - castles such as Olite, ancient monasteries and delightful old quarters - and also some wonderful landscapes that do change, and considerably at that, given that more than 70% of our land is covered in tres.

The woodlands of the Pyrenees
timidly and progressively transform their brownish green
into a universe of colours.

Woodlands that are waiting for us, ready for photos, allowing you to explore them at your own pace, to enjoy the stunning scenery with a mind free from thoughts. Fill yourselves with peace and and a sense of calm by practicing Shinrin Yoku - forest bathing.

The forests of Irati, Bertiz, Quinto Real, Orgi or Leitzalarrea display the beauty of their beech trees and centuries-old oaks, some of which are located on the edge of peaceful reservoirs such as Irabia, Eugi or Leurtza.

Take the opportunity to enjoy all the activities organised around the reservoirs: gather wild mushrooms, take guided tours on foot or by bike, listen to the thrilling bellowing of the stags, do Nordic Walking or something as simple as taking a gentle stroll through the Greenways and the thematic routes that you'll find throughout Navarra.

Some of these trails will teach you more about our history, such as the trail of the trades, the one of the bunkers or the dolmens, while others will take you to mysterious caves such as Zugarramurdi or Ikaburu. The trail of the Sumar will offer you some unique moments, letting you immerse yourself in the ephemeral red sea created by the leaves of this plant for just one week in autumn, in the area around Estella-Lizarra.

Si lo que buscas es una escapada tranquila
pero sin abandonar tu lado urbanita
también puedes acercarte a Pamplona 

Y disfrutar de los pinchos, del ambiente de las terrazas, de pasear por sus murallas y parques. o de perderte por sus callejuelas mientras descubres las curiosidades del comercio local. Y aprovechando la céntrica situación de la capital dentro de Navarra, podrás tanto escaparte de excursión a la naturaleza y sumergirte en un bosque de otoño, o realizar visitas más culturales.

En un radio aproximado de 50 km. tienes a tu alcance interesantes muestras artísticas del románico y del gótico como la Colegiata de Roncesvalles, el santuario de San Miguel de Aralar, el castillo de Olite, los monumentos de Estella-Lizarra y de Puente la Reina, los monasterios de Iratxe e Iranzu, Santa María de Sangüesa, el Castillo de Javier o el monasterio de Leire, en el que todavía se escuchan cantos gregorianos. ¡El arte que no falte!

It's also a good time to do a stage of one of the "Grand Routes" that start out in Europe, either on foot or by bike. Some traditional routes are centuries-old such as the Way of St James, while a much newer one is the Eurovelo 1 route from the Atlantic Coast.

And if the woodlands of the Pyrenees are decked out in colour, in central and southern Navarra (La Ribera), it's the turn of the vineyards, which are ready for harvesting. Choose from a host of vineyard activities, such as grape-picking, even grape treading, and making your own wine, or taking part in wine tastings and winery tours. Do a vineyard trail on foot, or take a quad, buggy or horse-drawn carriage, enjoying fun experiences with your partner, group of friends or as a family.

And, on the subject of wine, 
this takes us to the autumn cuisine,
which adds intense seasonal flavours
to the traditional menú.

Delicious partridge, pigeon, venison or wild bore accompanied by sweet sauces, a real taste sensation. Game is on the menu in many restaurants in Navarra, and you can also taste these dishes at the Baztan-Bidasoa Game Days. As an alternative proposal, the Inverdura winter vegetable event is held in Tudela. During this three-week event, you can enjoy menus and a whole program of activities based on seasonal vegetables.

This is also the season for wild mushrooms and, here in Navarra, we'll show you how to identify, gather and even cook them. Are you up for the plan? You'll be able to take part in tours, tastings, fairs and mycological days and enjoy interesting experiences such as that offered at the Metauten museum, expressly dedicated to the highly-appreciated truffle.

And, once you've thoroughly explored Navarra, taken in the stunning scenery and tasted its autumn cuisine, there's still much, much more to do, with a host of festivals and events on the agenda. If you're feeling active, you can take part in one of the marathons, bike tours or fun runs such as the Murallas de Pamplona around the city's walls and which is open to everyone. Enjoy entertaining music festivals, of different genres, or film festivals such as the "Ópera Prima" in Tudela, as well as food and cattle fairs, thematic festivals dedicated to wine, the Chistorra - a fresh, paprika sausage, broccoli or cider.

Scenery, culture, cuisine and fiestas all come together in a season packed full of events and activities. Discover autumn in Navarra and experience it with all your five senses!  

Experience autumn in Navarra

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