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The Lagoon of Lor

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The Lagoon of Lor - Laguna Lor
icono pie de fotoLaguna Lor
The Lagoon of Lor - Baile del somorujo
icono pie de fotoBaile del somorujo


Laguna Lor
Located between Cascante and Ablitas, nowadays, the lagoon of Lor is a place for fishing, walking and birdwatching, a small natural reservoir that has been artificially extended.

Century-old legends say that this lagoon shrouded in mystery is inhabited by fairies that let out wails or sighs. The scientific explanation for their laughter and whistles is the presence of birds such as widgeons and black-headed gulls.

The lack of vegetation allows for considerable visibility, making it the perfect spot for bird watching, and an easy walk can be taken on an elevated path that skirts this natural enclave.

In the Queiles valley, part of La Ribera, the lagoon collects the water from mount Moncayo for irrigation. It is much more than this, however: it is a fishing preserve where native species live alongside other newer ones; a perfect path for watching water-based birds and an environment filled with mystery, where swimmers in the past lost their lives on attempting to cross the water.

On crossing the road from Cascante to Ablitas, we reach the bank of the lagoon. From here onwards, a route on an elevated pathway goes around the water, on which you will be able to observe species such as coots, great crested grebes, grey herons, red-crested pochards or common pochards, depending on the time of year. The dance of the podiceps during mating season, a ritual similar to a dance in front of a mirror, never fails to make an impression. It is recommended that visitors remain quiet and stay on the path in order to avoid frightening the birds away.

Further ahead, you can see an area filled with aquatic plants, similar to the pond of a Japanese garden.
And to put the story to the test, there?s nothing better than heading out to the lagoon at night. The mysterious nocturnal sounds awaken the imagination and may even make your hairs stand on end. Is there a fearless fighting bull in the middle of the lagoon? No, it is actually the botaurus. And the laughter? Is it a fairy? Some kind of human presence? No. There are birds whose songs sound like human laughter. Whether by day or by night, this is a comforting walk through a relatively unknown natural enclave.


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