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Actividades gratuitas en la naturaleza

Fiestas, traditions and events of interest / Cultural event


Actividades gratuitas en la naturaleza - Foz de Lumbier
icono pie de fotoFoz de Lumbier
Actividades gratuitas en la naturaleza - Burgui
icono pie de fotoBurgui
Actividades gratuitas en la naturaleza - Bertiz
icono pie de fotoBertiz
Actividades gratuitas en la naturaleza - Ochagavía
icono pie de fotoOchagavía


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Foz de Lumbier From the snowcapped peaks of the Pyrenees to the arid lands of the Bardenas Reales, discover the wealth of nature carefully preserved by this region. The climatic variations in Navarre, surprising for a small community like this one, have provided ever-green valleys, beautiful and coloured forests, spectacular gorges carved by the passing of water, lakes and reservoirs, legendary caves and many protected spaces, including three natural parks.
If you love nature, you will feel right at home.

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