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Day of the palomeras (dove hunting posts)

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Day of the palomeras (dove hunting posts) - Caza de palomas
icono pie de fotoCaza de palomas
Day of the palomeras (dove hunting posts) - Vistas de Etxalar
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Aprovecha  estas visitas para conocer los detalles y secretos de esta singular forma de caza.

  • Día de las palomeras: a las 10:00 y 12:00
  • Sábados y domingos de noviembre y octubre: a las 11:00.

* Reservas 690 267 756. Precio: adultos 5€, grupos y de 6 a12 años 4€.

Caza de palomas
Great flocks of doves cross the skies of the Pyrenees over Etxalar in October and November to herald the return of the hunting season. In October the 'Day of the Palomeras' is held, an exceptional opportunity to enjoy a singular system of hunting with nets that goes back to the 15th century. In the morning hunters get together around the palomeras (hunting posts) hidden in the oak and beech trees of the area. If the weather permits, you can get a complete hunting lesson: when the flocks approach some wooden paddles are thrown into the air to simulate birds of prey and make the doves descend. Then the nets come into play and trap them. In the afternoon, the fun moves to the streets of Etxalar with an open-air dance and a draw of live doves and other presents.


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