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Transhumance Day

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Transhumance Day - Día trashumancia
icono pie de fotoDía trashumancia
Transhumance Day - Cáseda
icono pie de fotoCáseda
Transhumance Day - Ermita gótica de San Zoilo
icono pie de fotoErmita gótica de San Zoilo



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Día trashumancia "Down to the King's Bardena come the people from the Roncal valley to eat migas (shepherds' bread crumbs) for at least seven months". This ancient popular saying describes a very deep-rooted custom in the local culture: transhumance. After the summer the Pyrenean shepherds follow sheep trails down to the lands along the Ebro valley in search of winter grazing areas. Cáseda is a key town because two Royal Sheep Trails join up there: the Roncaleses and the Salacencos. From then on, there is only one trail that runs down to the Las Bardenas natural park.

The shepherds and their flocks leave early in the morning for the curious chapel of San Zoilo, a place where shepherds often take a rest. The route can either be done on foot, walking with the sheep, or in the 'tourist train' that runs the three kilometres from Cáseda to the chapel.

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  • Locality CÁSEDA
  • Zone The Central Zone
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  • Type Thematic day
  • Date
    • 31/08/2019
      2020 pending confirmation.
  • Opening hours De 10:00 a 13:30.