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Fiestas of San Fermín

Pilgrim's Way to Santiago
Fiestas, traditions and events of interest / Cultural event, Dances, Local festival, Religious festivity


Fiestas of San Fermín - Chupinazo San Fermín
icono pie de fotoChupinazo San Fermín
Fiestas of San Fermín - Kilikis y cabezudos
icono pie de fotoKilikis y cabezudos
Fiestas of San Fermín - Imagen Programa 2019
icono pie de fotoImagen Programa 2019
Fiestas of San Fermín - Plaza del Castillo
icono pie de fotoPlaza del Castillo
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Consulta la página temática de "San Fermín, La Fiesta Universal" y conoce la historia, los hitos sanfermineros y toda la información práctica que necesitarás para poder disfrutar a lo grande de esta fiesta que cruza fronteras.

Chupinazo San Fermín
From the 6th to the 14th of July, Pamplona means 'fiesta'. These are the dates of the San Fermin festival. When the 'chupinazo' goes off with a bang, the capital of Navarre explodes with life. Thousands of people from all around the world flood the city, which turns into a sea of red and white, and a stage for some of the most impromptu, jubilant and lively, but also inspiring, astonishing and endearing episodes you could ever imagine. Let the fiesta begin!

A programme with hundreds of events and there's something for everyone
Young and old, locals and visitors, men and women. The San Fermin festival is a celebration with room for everybody, because our maxim is respect and accord. The programme is a faithful reflection of this. It includes all those events which belong to the fiesta true and proper (from the 'Chupinazo' to the 'Pobre de Mí', you can enjoy the Running of the Bulls, the Troupe of Giants and Bigheads, and the fireworks displays every single day), religious events (Vespers, the Procession and the Octave) and a long list of cultural events: concerts, theatrical performances, the circus, dances and the list goes on.

The Running of the Bulls
This is the only point in the whole day when revelry takes a back seat. Tension pervades the route minutes before the bulls start their race behind the runners. A maelstrom of sensations which culminates in the bullring. The fiesta continues with a 'caldico', 'chocolate con churros' and the Troupe of Giants and Bigheads

For the littluns
There are loads of places for the youngest members of the family to go and have a good time during the festival: Birjolastu in the Taconera park, where they can have fun recycling; Kirol Ari, near the Fort of St. Bartolomé, where they can try all kinds of sports; Menudas Fiestas, the traditional space with bouncy castles and games in Plaza de la Libertad; or the attractions at the fairground.

For teenagers
The youth zone, located in Plaza de los Fueros, is the place where teenagers can go to have a great time with all sorts of activities: games of skill, workshops, dance classes, sports, karaoke, foam parties, DJ music and lots more, so they never have to stop laughing and enjoying themselves every afternoon during the San Fermin festival.

For lovers of tradition
The programme also includes all the more traditional events, such as those related to the religious festival in honour of Saint Fermin: Vespers, the Procession, the 'Offering' and the Octave. And then there are all those events which make the San Fermin fiesta a festival like no other: the parade of the Troupe of Giants and Bigheads, the fireworks displays and the Running of the Bulls.

For music lovers
Music and dancing flood the streets of Pamplona in general during the San Fermin festival, but you can also enjoy music at specific venues: Plaza de los Fueros, which hosts pop and rock gigs; Plaza Compañía, where jazz and world music concerts are held; and a whole host of open-air dances.

Pamplona, heart of Navarre
Make the most of your stay in Pamplona and delight in the entire region of Navarre. Take a break from the festival and regain your strength while enjoying the tranquillity of the local forests, valleys and villages. Plan a getaway so you can throw yourself back into the festival with renewed energy.


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