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Day of San Blas

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Day of San Blas
On February 3rd something peculiar floats over Navarre. It is the aroma of San Blas, of roscos, tortas de txantxigorri (round cakes of lard, dough and sugar) and blessed caramel. It tastes equally good everywhere, although the customs change from one place to another. In Pamplona, for example, worshippers go to the church of San Nicolás to have their roscos blessed, and in the portico around the church there are several stalls selling delicacies associated with the saint.
In Milagro, the tradition brings the townspeople together around a bonfire where wine, nuts, figs and roscos are handed out while in Los Arcos it is customary to hold a romería (popular pilgrimage). Know you know, if you like sweet dishes or have a bad throat, today is your day.


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