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Chorizo is produced in Navarre at both industrial and artisan level, and it is possible that it was the first-ever industrialised meat product, as Navarre was the region where the first Spanish meat industry was established.

It is either a fresh or cured sausage whose ingredients are a blend of pork, beef and pork fat seasoned with sugars, garlic, salt -which acts as a preservative by preventing microbe contamination- and paprika - which limits oxidation and thus prolongs its storage life.

The mixture is kneaded and stuffed into natural or artificial intestines in the shape of a candle with a minimum diameter of 40 millimetres. It has a smooth, unctuous texture and slightly granulated exterior which on cutting takes on the shape of a rice grain and enables the lean meat and fat to be clearly distinguished. The best way of enjoying chorizo is with bread and a good red wine.

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