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Beef of Navarra

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Beef of Navarra

The meat from cattle all over Navarre - except Las Bardenas - has been awarded the Protected Geographical Indication status, the highest level of recognition in Europe within Designations of Quality Products.

This label guarantees that the beef was born and raised in Navarre and that the breed is essentially of a Pyrenean type, although it also includes the Blonde, Pardo Alpina and Charolais breeds. This designation also certifies that the calves were milk-fed until the age of 6 or 7 months and were then put out to pasture and fed with natural raw materials.

Beef from Navarre is not only a tender, juicy meat with a characteristic red colour and little intramuscular fat, it is also a very natural and healthy product, rich in proteins, vitamins and essential minerals such as calcium, iron, and phosphorous. You can try this superb product in most of the restaurants in Navarre in the form of a chuletón (T-bone steak), especially in steakhouses.

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The Protected Geographical Indication is the highest level of European recognition within the Designations of Quality Products.

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