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Bodegas Viña Magaña, S. A.

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Bodegas Viña Magaña, S. A.
Bodegas Viña Magaña, S. A.



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Magaña started out in the same way as the bodegas that create great wines. In 1968 it devoted itself entirely to its vines and the production of fine grapes. It was a pioneer in Navarre in introducing French varieties with low-production clones of an exceptionally high quality.
It started making wine in 1985 whose quality soon found a market for itself. The cask bodega was recently extended following a design by the architect Rafael Moneo.
All the wines made by the bodega are red and aged in oak. The main brand is "Viña Magaña" and it has subsequently brought out two further brands, "Dignus" and "Barón de Magaña".

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Recientemente, las instalaciones han sido ampliadas de la mano del prestigioso arquitecto Rafael Moneo.


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