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Discover the setting for the 'Baztan Trilogy'.

If you're reading this, most likely the magic of the Baztan valley, featured in the trilogy of the same name, has lured you in. Whether you've devoured the books or seen The Invisible Guardian on the big screen, perhaps you can't stop thinking about that place where mythology and natural beauty seem inseparable and wondering if it really exists.
To clear things up, why not come visit us and discover the real places featured in the books by Dolores Redondo. Come walk through the lively streets of the old quarter in Pamplona, where Inspector Salazar lives. Feel the contrast between these streets and the peace and natural exuberance of the Baztan valley. Just once, taste the potent txantxigorris from the local pastry shops in Elizondo, and feel the peace in the cemetery or the strength of the river under the bridge...
If you'd rather someone tell you the story, the company Trilogía del Baztan has developed special guided tours to Elizondo and the settings from the book. The route has been lovingly prepared with the help of Dolores Redondo herself. Come experience the magic of this story in the places that inspired it.


Razones para no perdértela

Razones para no perdértela
Primavera Verano Otoño Invierno

The best moment

All year round. The Baztan landscape, with its Atlantic climate and deciduous forests, changes throughout the seasons.
How to finish the day

How to finish the day

Walk simple trails, such as the Xorroxin waterfall route.
Consult the recommended route for getting to know the area around the Baztan valley.


The hugely successful Baztan trilogy has been translated into more than 30 languages.
The film was directed by Fernando González Molina and stars Marta Etura.