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House-museum of Trades and Memory

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House-museum of Trades and Memory
House-museum of Trades and Memory
House-museum of Trades and Memory
House-museum of Trades and Memory
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The House-Museum of Trades and Memory is located in the historic and defensive mediaeval town of Aibar, in eastern-central Navarre, 44 kilometres from Pamplona and 7 km from Sangüesa.
It is housed in a restored agricultural building which used to be the seat of the former Threshing Company of Aibar. It now showcases the traditional culture of the surrounding area, the way of life of the local people in the past and the intangible culture of the town. The common thread consists of wine, oil and cereals, all traditional crops from the area.
The museum is housed on a single rectangular floor, divided into 5 areas:
1. Reception area for visitors, with an exhibition space and an agroshop: The themes of the museum and the surrounding area are presented here, together with the landscape, history and most representative monuments. The agroshop offers gastronomic products from the Valley of Aibar.
2. Vine and wine: The colour maroon characterises this space, which features a product that is very closely linked to the area's economy.
3. Olive and oil: The operation of a restored oil press is explained, and the town's olive oil is produced here.
4. Cereals and bread: We are told the secrets of the town's bread oven, which has been in use for over a century.
5. Multi-purpose room: Used for exhibitions, courses, workshops, tasting sessions, etc.
All the areas have models, informative panels, old photographs, restored machinery and audio-visuals.


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Todo el año: acceso sólo para grupos, concertando con antelación.


Precio entrada: 2,50 €

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Rutas Vivamus (617 189 957)

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