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Mirador del Cerro de Santa Bárbara

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Mirador del Cerro de Santa Bárbara


Located on an emblematic hillock with a great view over the city of Tudela, its famous market gardens ("La Mejana"), the natural park of Las Bardenas Reales and the river Ebro, it is accessible to all publics.
Inhabited since the Second Iron Age, the castle that was built in the Middle Ages after the Reconquista was later the residence of King Sancho VII 'the Strong'. It was extended in the 14th century by King Carlos III 'the Noble' of Navarre and later destroyed by order of Cardinal Cisneros in the 16th century, once the Kingdom of Navarre had been conquered. It was abandoned after and became a fortress of the Carlist forces in the 19th century. The central building still stands, and on its highest part a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ was installed in the 1940s.

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El Mirador es uno de los 35 recursos seleccionados en la Ruta de los Paisajes de Navarra. Agua y Miradores.


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