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Vino de Pago

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Vino de Pago

Vino de Pago (single-estate wine) is specially regulated and regulated by a Ley Foral (regional law of Navarre) that protects high-quality wines from vineyards with special characteristics.

Wines under this designation come from vineyards located in a certain place with particular characteristics that differentiate them from other nearby wines. The name must have been used for at least 5 years among the people who live in the area. The grape variety, the method of winemaking and the bottling must be done within the domain and the wine must be aged separately from other wines.

The D.O "Vino de Pago" is only recognised in Navarre and Castilla-La Mancha. In Navarra there are three estates: "Pago de Arinzano"; "Pago de Otazu"; y "Pago de Prado de Irache"

Did you know that...?

La D.O "Vino de Pago" solo se reconoce en Navarra y Castilla la Mancha. En Navarra hay 3 pagos: "Pago de Arinzano", "Pago de Otazu" y "Pago de Prado de Irache"

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