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Historical Reference Centre Olondo

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Historical Reference Centre Olondo
Historical Reference Centre Olondo
Historical Reference Centre Olondo
Historical Reference Centre Olondo


Just a few kilometres from the forest of Quinto Real on the shores of a reservoir we come to the Pyrenean village of Eugi. Many years have gone by since charcoal piles burned slowly on its surrounding hills. They no longer produce charcoal, nor are the furnaces of the foundries alight -there used to be three-. The Royal Armoury no longer makes cannonballs or armour for soldiers. Wood is no longer transported down the Arga river to Pamplona. Another thing that has disappeared is black market activities. There used to be charcoal burners, miners, smiths, rafters and smugglers here... trades that once forged the history of Eugi but now belong to the past.

To ensure that these things are not forgotten, the first floor of the old village school is now home to the "Olaondo" Historical Reference Centre of Eugi , a 100-square-metre exhibition area that takes its name from an old foundry that has disappeared below the waters of the reservoir. Panels, photographs, silhouettes or real armour, ancient tools, cannonballs and minerals extracted locally recreate the history, lifestyle, traditions and natural wealth of Eugi and its surrounding area.

The centre contains some curious anecdotes about the village, such as when, in 1423, King Carlos III ?the Noble? ordered the foundry in Eugi to make a an engraved suit of armour with gold braid, or to make armour for the young princes Felipe III and Felipe IV; the latter are considered among the best examples in the world.

To get to know the surrounding area, visit , a 90-minute walk around the reservoir of Eugi among oaks and beeches. Or seek out the ruins of an old munitions factory hidden among the beeches of the forest of Quinto Real.


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