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Energy Workshop

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Energy Workshop
Energy Workshop


Located in the old chapel of the Sacred Heart Nuns of Castejón, the energy workshop Is the first of its type in Navarra. Its eleven different spaces inform the visitor about the different ways of generating energy and creating awareness among the population about the need to use It rationally. The exhibition includes texts, 3D audiovisuals, models, photographs, computer games and experiments.

As well as learning about the importance of energy, its relationship to what surrounds us and the evolution of Man, the visitor can interact in entertaining experiments. The visitor can smell different forms of oil, see the level of energy produced by blowing, or the energy generated by the sun that can make a car move., One of the most curious activities is pedalling on a bicycle, the effort being converted into electricity capable of lighting several bulbs. All these features make a stroll through the Energy workshop a pleasant, almost playful, experience.


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