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Usually originating in the market gardens of La Ribera, borage is a Mediterranean herbaceous plant which reaches a height of between 30 and 70 cm, with hollow, robust, bottle-green branched stems covered in down. It is rough to the touch but smooth and sweet on the palate and melts easily in the mouth.

Although it is produced all year round, the best season to eat borage is the summer. It is usually eaten with potatoes, in a mixed vegetable stew, or as a garnish for meat and fish dishes.

Outside Navarre, it has only been consumed in recent years, whether fresh or canned, as up until very recently it was regarded as a weed. Interestingly enough, Navarrese beekeepers plant the vegetable around their hives because it results in very high quality honey.

Did you know that...?

The Greeks held it in high esteem as an antidote to sadness, and it was offered to knights to give them courage in tournaments.

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